Crossed by the history wrapped by the nature, turned to its future Saint-Dizier is the city in movement. Halfway between Paris and Strasbourg, Saint-Dizier is most big city of the department of the Haute Marne. Opened on the forests of the Lake of Der in Champagne situated unless 10 km, Our city benefits from a microclimate which makes it the most moderate sector of the region.

The Premiere city of Haute-Marne

With a population close to 30 000 inhabitants, Saint-Dizier is the 5th city of Champagne-Ardenne and the most important of Haute Marne.Crossed by the Marne and the canal between Champagne and Burgundy the average height of Saint-Dizier is 146 m and its 47,48 km surface ². i

It is in approximately 200 km east of Paris

THE Bragards !!!!

Did you know it? The inhabitants of Saint-Dizier are called Bragards. The popular tradition would want that this name comes from François 1st who would have exclaimed " Ah, the nice lads "