lake of der

Situated in 15 mn of the hotel picardy to St Dizier   

With its 4.800 ha of water and its 77 km of banks, the Lake of Der is one of the biggest plans of water of Europe: a real sea in Champagne, between the Marne and Haute Marne

Work conceived(designed) by the hands of the man in 1974 to regulate waters of the Marne which feed the Seine, he allows since to avoid the floods in Paris.


Situated in Lorraine, in the heart of the department of the Meuse, Verdun is a top-place of the tourism of history and memory in France and in Europe. Universal city, it is synonymic for ever of the biggest battle of the 20th century. Sites of fights, tops-places of the memory the sites of fighting memory, destroyed(annulled) villages, museums and museographic sites...
Capital of the dragée, the speciality of the House Braquier, Verdun also possesses a remarkable heritage an inheritance of 30 centuries of history.

The big houses of Champagne in Reims

Proud of their traditions, the inhabitants of the Champagne region will introduce you gladly to the elaboration of their mythical wine by showing you their cellars dug in the chalk, in the Gallo-Roman time(period) for the most former(ancient) of them.