Free and unlimited internet!

The hotel picardy proposes you a FREE AND UNLIMITED ACCESS IN ALL THE ROOMS(CHAMBERS)!!!


You can connect free of charge in the wireless broadband, since your room(chamber), the reception, the room of youngs-lunch, but also terrace of the hotel!!!


As regards the use of Internet, the User is informed that the Internet is a network conveying data susceptible to be protected by intellectual property rights,Literary, artistic, photographs or to break the current legal requirements.
The User thus refrains to pass on(to transmit) on the Internet any prohibited, illicit, illegal datum, against the good customs or against the law and order And striking a blow or susceptible to carry(wear) infrigement of rights of third(third party) in particular in intellectual property rights, literary, artistic or photographs.

The User refrains himself from any fraudulent, excessive(unfair) or excessive use of the Service, such as in particular the voluntary or involuntary dimensions(congestion) of the waiters(servers) of messaging systems And\or addressees of e-mails by the wild mailing (spamming, bunk e-mail, e-mail junk or bombing e-mail) or of its network, or the sending of attractive messages generating inevitably an impressive number of answers (teasing ou trolling) Being able to so disrupt(perturb) the availability of said waiters(servers) or network.

As regards products or services on the Internet network, the User sends directly to the suppliers of contents any complaint relative to the execution of the services returned by these or in the sale of products by these.

The hotel Picardy warns besides the User on the nature and the variety of the contents available on the Internet network, which can may carry(wear) damage to the minors(miners).
Responsibilities of the user

The User is only responsible for any direct or indirect, material or immaterial damage caused in thirds(third parties) because of his appropriate(clean) use of the Service.
The User is only responsible for the use of his Access codes. Any use of the Service (transmission of data) made by using the Access codes of the User is considered for having been made by himself(itself), except contrary proof.